I'm working towards a collection of poetry and will present a few of my poems here.

The Expenses Scandal

Written several years ago when the Labour government were in power, it's just as appropriate today.

In parliament and in the lords,
those great deceivers sit,
And dispense as from the heavens above,
Both legal bill and writ.

Each designed with wealth in mind,
their fingers in the pot.
Be income tax, high interest rates,
They're pocketing the lot.

They cheat from us, the honest man,
what's surely theirs by right.
With avarice and greed they try
Expensing everything in sight.

Cash for honours, bird homes, two jags,
Ten thousand for a fence.
In politics one spends to save,
That's economic sense.

The chips are down the secrets out,
The public aren't too pleased.
Heads must roll, we'll amputate
this government disease.

When election hustings come to town,
They silver-tongue this verse,
Our crimes and sins are little worth,
The other side were worse.

But when the dust has settled down
Justice has been skewed,
As all we've done is change around,
And switched the red for blue.

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