Hello and Welcome to my Home Page!

My Stories

Exciting fantasy stories spanning books and mobile games that I've created.

The Tragedy of Charlie Bluster

The hilarious epic adventure saga of a lovable small orphan boy with a runny nose who turns into a super arch-villain that will cause any hero to go running for the toilet in terror!

Charlie has a secret, a superpower, and lots of bad people like the Mafia want to use him for their own Evil Purposes such as Teasing their Little Sisters or Nicking Flipping Great Wadges of Cash.

Otherworld: Epic Adventure

A Celtic murder mystery adventure game for mobile devices, pads and tablets. Immerse yourself in Irish history, mythology and politics. Unlock the secrets of the Celtic Otherworld to solve mystery and political intrigue in modern Ireland.

Otherworld Epic Adventure is a full-blown serious adventure game with an entire world to explore. It’s a game for people that like to read books and to solve mysteries and puzzles.

My Interests

Find out more about my interests including access to my public presentations.

My Poetry

I'm working towards a full collection of poetry. Keep tabs on what I'm doing here where I'll be posting selections of my work.


I'm an avid public speaker and have had the privilege of presenting at digital and IT conferences around the world. Watch my past conference presentations and public speeches.


I'm an avid badminton player and a member of the Ballinderry League committee here in Northern Ireland. Find out more on our Facebook page.